Carpentry, Comic Books, Product Design & Me

The son of a mail carrier and a heavy equipment operator, I spent my summers on job sites apprenticing as a carpenter. When I went off to college I studied how to make comic books (my BFA says “Comic Art” on it). I freelanced my way into agency life and gained an appreciation for how that world works. Churning & burning on campaigns and microsites, I became enamored with the concept of product design. Like carpentry, there is an objective beauty to the craft: The house either functions, or it doesn't. But it's also blended with the sublimely subjective concept of "narrative", as told through the design elements of the product and a minimal amount of copy (not unlike comic books). 

I move seamlessly between ink on paper, sticky notes on a white board and pixels on an art board. With all mediums I bring a passion for storytelling, typography, and process.


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