Auto Rental Site

It takes a village to redesign the online car rental experience. I was focused on the reservation flow, vehicle pages and locations. 


Update the website to adhere to best practices and create a more convenient and consistent experience for the user.



Increased rentals booked on mobile platforms while maintaining the amount of rentals currently made on the website. 


Industry | Auto Rental

Technology | Responsive Website

Role | Sr. UX Designer


A global redesign of a major brand

As part of a cross-disciplinary team I collaborated with teams of content strategists, project managers, developers, and my fellow UXers. I was responsible for delivering key pages along the reservation user flow as well as informational pages detailing locations and vehicles. 


Quick & efficient adding of additional items while in the checkout flow

I focused on maximizing efficiency and usability of the checkout flow while still providing delight for the user. Each micro interaction was iterated on to reduce friction while ordering.   


Iconography made content more digestible

Clear and simple communication can go a long way in helping users to understand complex concepts like insurance products. This sort of direct primitive communication allows the user to quickly scan through their options.


A responsive redesign

The client had not yet made the jump to a responsive site, and it was starting to affect their business. Responding to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation is a common best practice in todays world. Each component in this project was designed to accommodate multiple breakpoints.