Cross-Platform Mobile Game

Polling isn’t fun and it doesn’t reward the user in any meaningful way. This multi-platform app seeks to change the polling process by wrapping the experience in a game.


Gamify the polling experience and make it mutually beneficial to the user and the pollsters. 


A fast and fun experience that has users coming back again and again across three platforms. 


Industry | Mobile Game

Technology | Native iOS & Android, Web App 

Role | Lead UX & Visual


UX began with a conversation (and a lot of post-its)

Leading workshops is one of the most exciting parts of my job. In this workshop I had the privilege of guiding stakeholders through a series of activities: capturing core user stories, building empathy maps, and looking to find where user goals and business requirements intersect.


The app reveals itself through sketching  

After synthesizing my notes from the workshop, I was left to imagine what the product could become. Knowing the limitations, I’m able to let my mind wander and take risks. It is a freeing process. Themes and concepts emerge that begin to form a starting place for my designs.


Three unique interactions were tested for the main user flow

Intuition and a knowledge of best practices are great, but when recommending a novel feature as the centerpiece of a product's functionality, I need to be sure. Enter: Prototyping and User Testing.


The validated design was finalized & detailed for development

Having revised the concept and tracked changes along the way, it was time to translate those decisions to an easy to understand design document. Annotations captured design intent and were easily translated into stories for the developers to unit test from.


The final cross-platform product: iOS, Android & mobile web

The experience was consistent across all platforms to allow for easier iterations after launch. The nuances of each platforms limitations and their affect on design were the product of intensive collaboration with the development team. Designing for a seamless experience across platforms was a challenging but gratifying experience.