IoT Strategy for Power Tools

HR Portal: a distinctly inhuman sounding term. Our job was to change that by putting the employee at the center of the experience.


Make a stronger HR portal with focused features in order to gain market share back from the start up competition.  


Improved sales and positive user feedback, as well as an internal reduction in technical debt. 


Industry | Healthcare

Technology | Web App

Role | Lead Visual Designer


A two day workshop kicked off the project 

Using our own heuristic analysis as a basis for discussion, white boarding and card sorting activities helped to capture the current state of the product: robust but inaccessible functionality that lacked a cohesive design system. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.25.21 PM.png

The progress made in the workshop was continued: Two distinct visual directions emerge

Based on a competitive analysis as well as an intensive brand audit. I was able to craft two distinct visual directions that would match the tone the brand was striving for. I presented these directions to the stakeholders in the form of mood boards and style tiles to facilitate discussions.


I evolved these directions into full-blown concepts

With the freedom to iterate on the layout and elevate the user experience I brought the wireframes to life in visual concepts. By incorporating the stakeholder's business requirements with the perceived value that comes with adherence to modern standards and trends in visual design, we were beginning to see the brand voice reflected visually. 


I iterated on the designs until they fulfilled the brand vision.

As the client came to see themselves in the concepts, we worked together to hone the vision to clarity. Ultimately forming a complete design system that could scale with their offerings. 


The client's original product compared with the redesign

The original design of the web app was based on the bootstrap framework and had incurred a massive amount of technical debt. By taking this opportunity to create a design system that was modular and scalable in nature, we provided a better experience for users and an easier to maintain product for the client.