Luxury Bathroom Site

When selling diamond encrusted faucets, your online presence needs to be on point. I was tasked with crafting an experience as flawless as the client’s products.


Redesign the client's website to reflect their refocused branding and increase traffic with a responsive design. 


Minimize the pain points of their key users: interior designers, architects and their own sales associates. 


Industry | Luxury Plumbing Products

Technology | Responsive Website

Role | Lead Visual Designer


I started by designing two brand concepts  

I consulted on the site's architecture and base templates as they were defined, but became more heavily involved as we moved into high fidelity. Having a pre-existing relationship with the stakeholder and brand, I began with visual concepts so we could narrow in on the final look and feel.


Using component based design, we created a working prototype for user testing

After a couple rounds of revisions on the brand concepts, the stakeholder and I settled on a direction. I then worked in close collaboration with a front end developer to create a component based design system in code. Working in this rapid prototyping style, we were able maximize efficiencies in our process.  


Two weeks of user testing helped to iron out all of the details 

Eight qualified users participated in individual hour and a half testing sessions, as the stakeholders watched remotely from another room. The testing was user lead and scenario based. Pain points were identified and iterated on after the first four participants. The remaining four served to validate the updated designs.


Detailed documentation ensured a smooth shared workload with the client

As part of the scope of work, the client requested a document detailing the functionality and content types. This allowed their staff to begin working on product databases while development was still underway, in turn accelerating the launch date.  


The client's website had outlived its time

An attention to photography and typography brought the products back to life. Modern, elegant and crisp design patterns furthered the brand perception of elite, quality and timelessness they were striving to project.