Proposal Generator App

How do you close a sale onsite? This iOS enterprise app can facilitate each step, from selection to customer management. 


Deliver a modern, intuitive, app for sales associates to use in the field. The app also needed a robust customer management portal that integrated with the client's databases.


Positive response from third party sellers, increased engagement and sales.


Industry | Industrial Supply

Technology | iOS app and website

Role | Lead UX & Visual Designer


Understanding the user's needs

This app was meant as a tool to help sales associates close deals while in the field without requiring them to be connected to the internet. As such, the app needed to fit into the individual selling style of each associate. Based on stakeholder and user interviews I mapped out many different scenarios to allow for the greatest amount of flexibility. 


Unique features had to be accounted for

One of the core features of the app is to provide a path for associates to display recommended products based on the customer's home and energy needs. This was intended for the novice associate, and could be bypassed at any time.  


Rigorous testing and iterating were needed 

Due to the niche nature of the industry the app represents, several unique interactions and flows were required. Following several iterations, we tested with nine users to ensure we provided the optimal experience. 


Users had the ability to "draw" a diagram for product installation

To make the sales process more efficient, the app facilitates all the paperwork that occurs during a site visit. This includes the ability to draw a simple schematic of the property, as instructions for the installers. This was an fun challenge from an interaction standpoint. It also necessitated over twenty custom icons. 


A picture is worth a thousand words

To get final buy in from the end-client and to mitigate mistakes during the installation process, sales associates have the ability to mock up what a final installation will look like. This was optimized for speed and flexibility. 


One admin portal to rule them all

The flexibility and control presented in the app is also represented in the sale's associate's management portal. From here they can control prices, proposals and see overall trends in their sales.